The next gen HDMI Version

HDMI 2.1

8K60 | 4K120 | 48Gbps | eARC | HDR10

iPad Stand
New Design

24 Bit / 96 Hz
USB4 Cable
40GBPS / 2 M


The cable is really high quality and I was surprised how much better it felt than other cables I have had from OEM Lenovo to Belkin. I can't believe I had paid so much more for a Belkin before. I have never felt a cable like this before, it has a very cool high quality braided exterior that remembers its shape sort of like memory foam. Looks to be high quality that will last many years. Great product and great company also as I have bought from them before

Theresa Chavez

Excellent quality and a great value. I bought 2 other display port cables that were cheaper and i got what i paid for as they didnt work well. Loose connections on both. This cable by maxonar is super high quality and works flawlessly with my new monitor. The connection is snug and wont come loose. Picture quality is superb on the highest display settings. This a required cable for professionals and gamers.

R. W. Reimer

It is far more ideal to use in the new MacBook Pro to achieve its full potential (40GBps data transfer but not whilst using and charging you MBP) since Thunderbolt 3 devices use discrete Thunderbolt chips to function, they will not function if plugged into a USB-C port but will work as a standard USB-C delivers speeds up to 10 Gbps for USB3.1 up to 5 Gbps for USB3.0 and 480Mbps for USB2.0 (Backward compatibility).